fully automated interpreter matching system for OPI, VRI and on-site services

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Customer identification management

Automated recognition of inbound customer calls and application of prefixed customer settings such as pricing models and interpreter competence requirements.

Intelligent planning system

Lightning fast matching process and split second connection between customers and interpreters, based on availability, competences, distance and other requirements.

Payment en billing

Automated invoicing of bundled services per customer & interpreter payment for the performed services at regular intervals that you determine.

For your customers

  • User friendly online customer portal for self-service¬†requests
  • Clear overview of planned and executed services
  • Smart interpreter rating system
  • Automatic invoice generation

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For your interpreters

  • Interpreter friendly online portal accessible through web or an app
  • Push notifications for new services and direct acceptance possibilities
  • Availability management and assignment overview
  • Automatic invoice generation for interpreting jobs

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